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    2010-11-1 · 1. Introduction. This paper describes the effect of injector geometry on the performance of an internally mixed injector. The objective of this effort is to develop a fuel injector whose spray properties could be varied in a controlled fashion to accommodate various operating conditions , .For example, it may be desirable to keep the mean droplet size constant while varying the fuel flow rate ...

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  • The Influence of Atomizer Geometry on Effervescent

    2021-6-22 · F={V bx r m [K m (T b-T m)+( µ2 V j 2)] 2[C s (T m-T s)+l] } 0.5 . Simplified, this equation is the square root of the heat required for melting divided by the heat supplied by the screw rotation. Notice that there are no screw geometry terms showing in this equation; most of the terms are related to the polymer properties or the barrel temperature.

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  • Article What Affects Dewatering Performance of High ...

    2017-3-15 · the influence of geometric parameters on the quality of atomization. Geometric parameters investigated include exit orifice diameter, nozzle length-to-diameter ratio, mixing chamber diameter, mixing length and air injection geometry. Comparisons are made with previous studies performed using earlier versions of the hardware or al-

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  • Geometry dependence of excitonic couplings and the ...

    2002-3-4 · A Numerical Study of the Influence of Diesel Nozzle Geometry on the Inner Cavitating Flow. 2002-01-0215. In order to analyze the influence of nozzle geometry on the internal flow characteristics of a Diesel injector, a CFD analysis of the flow through various nozzle geometries has been carried out with a commercial code.

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  • Influence of Steel Fibres and Matrix Composition on The ...

    2008-6-23 · Investigations on The Influence of Ignition Voltage, Higher Compression Ratio and Piston Crown Geometry on the Performance of Compressed Natural Gas Engines 2008-01-1762 The increasing demand of passenger fleet with the depletion of conventional fuels has resulted into a massive research for harnessing the potentials in alternate fuels.

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  • Numerical Simulation for Comparative Thermo-Hydraulic ...

    2019-9-9 · The effects of tank size and impeller geometry on the particle size distribution after 30 min of flocculation at constant characteristic average velocity gradient, G m, were studied.Flocculation was performed in three square tanks 5-, 28-, and 560-L volume with Rushton turbines and A310 fluid foil …

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